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Vintage Digital LLC is comprised of seven Web professionals with roughly 50 years combined experience in software development. The team has been involved with the Drupal project since version 4.7 and has engaged in many upgrade projects in that time. The team has expertise in custom module development, theming, configuration, integrations, imports, project management, design, and quality assurance. The team has contributed modules, themes, presentations, and documentation to the Drupal community, including attendance at many Drupalcons and multiple Drupalcamps.

The Vintage Digital Team follows Drupal best practices, not hacking core or contributed modules but rather writing modules and theme functions that produce desired behaviors. The attention to Drupal standards rewards the site owner with the easiest possible upgrades from one version of Drupal to the next.

Blog Posts

Matthew Saunders
13 years 48 weeks ago

salumeriaA few weeks back I received the happy news that the first job that Vintage Digital did as a team had been made live. We were approached, through Twitter, about helping with the AJAXy bits and pieces of a site that had been largely developed, designed, and themed.

There was a need to create customized product page with related food items on the page. Product lists show a teaser. When you click on the link it opens up a shortened view of the product at the top of the page while leaving the list intact below. If you click to see more, you come to a full node view that includes related products, email a friend, and recipe links. We did this work through Dan Morgan of Morgan Graphics who did the majority of the development work.

Congratulations to the folks at Salumeria Italiana on a new Drupal-based online store. We hope you success in this stage of your business and we are thrilled that in some small measure we were able to help bring the store online.

Project Team:
Project Management: Matthew Saunders
Development: Andy Lasda
Theming: Zach Meyer