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Vintage Digital -- An Introduction

Noun 1. co-op - a jointly owned commercial enterprise (usually organized by farmers or consumers) that produces and distributes goods and services and is run for the benefit of its owners

Vintage Digital LLC is a software co-operative in the true sense of the word. I rather like the idea of our being a sort of group of farmers sowing open source seeds. Our group is made of developers, themers, information architects, designers, project managers, and technical architects.

It was founded as a company of independent contractors. The company structure is completely flat with each member having an equal say in how the company is run. Each of the company members have their own projects and clients. The company itself has a central group of clients which are collectively provided software services.

The co-op members are:

We're largely focused on Drupal, but we put together a skills inventory before forming the LLC and found that the group has a deep and wide set of talents.

The central idea is that as a group, we are stronger and more versatile than any single one of us on our own. We can take larger more complex jobs as they come available. It is important to our group that we share the work that comes in - those who need a contract who have the skills get first dibs on a given job.

Our group will be writing about the co-op as we continue to move the company forward. In a few days we'll launch a little blog site to talk about what we're up to.

We're @vintagedigital on Twitter. You can call us at (720) 254-1546. You can email us at vintagedigital [at] dogstar [dot] org.
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