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Participating in Lullabot's Project Management Podcast

Yesterday I took part in a Lullabot podcast on Project Management. The Bots are well known for their excellent courses and dialogue - it is my hope that we don't disappoint. Addison Berry of Lullabot did a great job of herding the herders keeping us on track. So, who participated?

Seth Brown - Lullabot's Director of Operations, Jerad Bitner - a Lullabot Technical Project Manager, Drew Harteveld - Martha Stewart's VP of Digital Operations, and Me. The conversation showed a large degree of consensus on methodologies, tactics, and tools.

You can listen to the podcast on the Lullabot site.

The process of getting the podcast set up was pretty cool.

  • Addi approached me at BADCamp, asking if I'd be willing to participate. I'm always game for contributing where I can and I was also humbled to be asked.
  • We started an email chain that brainstormed our topic.
  • The top items were added to a google doc where we were all encouraged to comment
  • We chose a few topics we wanted to explore, Addi added another, and finally there were questions that came from social-media-verse
  • 15 minutes before the podcast we did some sound checks and talked amongst ourselves. Addi explained how it was going to go down.
  • When we started, it was pretty free form - we didn't really know what questions would be asked when. I would say a few minutes into the recording, we were basically just having a friendly conversation.

This was thoroughly a good time. I hope I'm asked to participate again in the future.